Sunday, December 20, 2015

  Im done with my Christmas gifts. I received helped from the Salvation Army. I thought I wouldn't have had enough money foir my kids Christmas
. Turns out my kids have over 12 gifts each for Christmas.   I'm so greatful. I always make a way out of no way. With the help of Jesus Christ. My kids are blessed! Truly happy.
Hi, I'm a 29 year old mom. With a 10 year old son and eight year old daughter. To sum up., I named my blog untying old debts because it's exactly what it is. I love being a mommy. I'm very lucky!! I am a single parent. Early June 2007 I gave birth to my beautiful glass eyed doll. The following day I had a tuble ligatiion. Being my children are exactly a little over a year apart my family kind of pressured into getting my tube tied. Right afterwards I begin to have problems.. At age 20 I  stopped receiving an orgasm. I been to many doctors. I knew this wasn't normal. They would tell me I had a retreversed uterus and a enlarged uterus. Wow!!! I haven't in my young years enjoyed any personal life. It hurts a little. But i have Jesus. So who do I run to?? About two years ago I had a doctor who done a exploratory surgery basically on me. I don't know what he did in there but my stomach seemed flattened and I had enjoyed pleasure I haven't had in a while. Now I'm back to the same routine. It really sucks. I think I've found the problem. Being my tube was tied., right after pregnancy our just being tied all together cause my body to respond in ways that wasn't right. I'm very uncomfortable. Im hoping to find a doctor who will untye tubes. And find ways to shrink my uterus. I know since my tubes were tied hormones have been nuts!! I'm a young beautiful Christian woman who needs help!!! Thanks for reading. And please respond., with any thoughts or comments. Ideas help!! Be courteous....